Submission Guidelines

Roane Publishing is committed to offering the finest quality fiction in the genres of romance, erotic romance and fantasy. Each genre has its own submission guidelines, so be sure to check the requirements for the genre you are seeking to publish. We look forward to your submission.

We do not publish YA, MG, picture books, or non-fiction. We are actively seeking well written New Adult (NA) romance titles.


Roane Publishing is seeking submissions of 15K words or more in all sub-genres of romance. We welcome everything from the very sweet to the incredibly erotic, featuring couples (or multiples) from all walks of life and sexual orientation, including same-sex romances. We are an LGBT friendly publisher.

Romances should focus on the development of the relationship, as well as external and internal conflict; the heat level should be appropriate to the plot and enhance the story. The primary relationship in the book should offer an emotionally satisfying happily ever after (HEA) or happily for now (HFN) ending.

Novella Niblets Line

Roane Publishing is pleased to announce its new SWEET ROMANCE Ebook novella line, NOVELLA NIBLETS. Short and sweet, these stories are sure to satisfy reader romance cravings! NN is a multi-author series.

  • Stories must be at least 15K and no more than 20K.
  • Must be a sweet romance and include a HEA or HFN ending.
  • We will accept all sub-genres of sweet romance, including New Adult and LGBT. No YA.
  • Erotic stories will not be accepted for this line. Keep it clean and sweet.

Please email a brief query letter along with your completed, polished manuscript to and put NOVELLA NIBLETS in the SUBJECT LINE of your email.

Erotic Romance

Roane Publishing is seeking submissions in the erotic romance genre. We will consider works of 20K words or more, but are most interested in novel-length stories (70K + words), especially if the story has strong series potential. The language in these submissions should be frank and explicit, with the sexuality of the story being integral to the plot and themes. Erotic romances should have a happily ever after (HEA) or happily for now (HFN) ending between at least two of the characters.

No incest, rape, explicit sexual scenes with minors, or bestiality will be accepted.

Spicy Bites Line

Roane Publishing is pleased to announce its new EROTIC ROMANCE Ebook novella line, SPICY BITES. Short and spicy, these hot stories are sure to satisfy reader’s erotic romance cravings! SP is a multi-author series.

    • Stories must be at least 15K and no more than 20K.
    • Sexuality of the story should be integral to the plot and theme. No erotica, please.
    • Must be an erotic romance and include a HEA or HFN ending.
    • We will accept all sub-genres of erotic romance, including LGBT.

Please email a brief query letter along with your completed, polished manuscript to and put SPICY BITES in the SUBJECT LINE of your email.


Roane Publishing is seeking fantasy submissions in all sub-genres including Epic, Sword and Sorcery, Steampunk, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian, and Paranormal (Romance). No hard-core science fiction, please. These titles do not require a happily ever after ending, nor do they need to contain romantic elements to be considered. We are seeking submissions of 15K or more, but will consider shorter length stories from our previously contracted authors.

Ready to submit?

Please submit queries for only completed, fully polished manuscripts. In the subject line of your query, please type SUBMISSION_TITLE (where you replace TITLE with the name of your book), your name, and genre of the manuscript. (example: MYBOOK_AUTHOR_FANTASY)

Queries must include the following and will not be reviewed if any piece is missing:

Brief, introductory query letter listing genre, word count and a short description of the book, as well as any pertinent information about the author, including both legal name and pen name and any writing credits.

The completed, fully polished manuscript (Double Spaced, Arial or Times New Roman Font, Size 12) saved as a DOC, DOCX, or RTF file and attached, with file name TITLE_MANUSCRIPT where you substitute your book’s title in place of TITLE (see above for example). Do not use TABS or spaces to indent paragraphs, please.

Please include a one to two page synopsis outlining the story, including the resolution.

Easy right? We certainly think so. So, what are you waiting for?

Submissions should be sent to

Please allow 3 weeks for an editorial response to your submission. If a response has not been received after 5 weeks, please follow-up by email at Do not send your submissions to this address. They will be deleted unopened.

Contracted Rights (A peek into our author contract)

Author agrees to grant to Publisher exclusive worldwide English language rights to produce, publish, and sell the Work in:

Electronic Rights: exclusive rights to use or adapt readable (text) digital format (electronic download, digital or interactive media, disk, CD/CD-ROM, E-Book reader or similar media of presentation including any electronic or e-book formats invented while this contract is in effect, excluding motion picture/television/video/DVD rights)

Print on Demand paperback: Publisher has the right to publish and promote the Work in suitable style as to paper, printing, binding, cover and/or jacket design and to fix or alter title and price.
All rights in the Work not specifically granted to Publisher in this agreement are reserved by the author. Print format is the sole decision of the Publisher. Only books of 60,000 words or more (or anthologies) will be considered for print. Publisher has the option of one year from date of release of the e-book to publish the book in print. If Publisher does not publish the book in print within one year after same title e-book has been released the print rights revert back to the Author but Publisher retains the e-book publishing rights for the duration of the contract. A new contract for print rights will be issued when/if book is in the queue for print publication.

Author grants Publisher one year to publish book in print after ebook release. In this time author will not self-publish nor offer print rights to another publisher.