For Bloggers/Reviewers

Welcome readers, bloggers and hopefully, future reviewers. We are so glad you're interested in the possibility of partnering with us. Roane uses the word partnering, versus "working", because we truly believe the relationship between reviewers and publishers should be a partnership...a rather symbiotic one, if you think about it.

As our catch phrase says, Publishers are nothing without authors, and we believe that wholeheartedly, but we also understand authors (and their publishers) get nowhere without readers. We can all write and publish until we are all blue in the face, but without readers, we are nothing. Plain and simple.

That's where we are hoping you come in. Currently, Roane Publishing is looking to partner with readers, active bloggers and book reviewers who love, and are as obsessed with books as we are.

Is this you? Great. Now, let us tell you what's in it for you. Some good stuff, if we do say so ourselves.
Here is just a sampling of what Roane Publishing offers our blog/review partners.

The biggest perk, to our thinking, is access to free, not yet released eBooks. You will have the chance to read our stories before they are released and available to the public. But, that's not all.

Roane also offers their partners:
  • Free digital marketing materials for our releases (digital bookmarks, media kits, and marketing materials)
  • Free blog and website content in conjunction with our release blitzes, including author interviews, guest posts, Tens Lists, and promotional posts.
  • Priority booking for our cover reveals, giveaways, and other marketing efforts.
  • E-Copies or Print copies of our books, gift cards, and other "swag" for giveaways we sponsor regularly as part of our release blitzes and Hops.
Not only that. (Yup, there's more -- Crazy, right?)

Roane publishing will also:
  • Help you promote your blog/website by placing your banner and a link to your site on our own blog.
  • Advertise your site, reviews, and promotional posts on our social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Tumblr. (Our following is growing daily)
  • In addition, we may use quotes from your posted reviews (and name) on our print book jackets, or as part of our other marketing efforts.
I bet you are wondering where the catch is... There isn't one. It is our hope that by offering what we do to our partners, we will all grow together. Brings me full circle... back to that whole symbiotic thing. (see what we did there?)

If this sounds like a program you'd like to participate in, just swing over and register your blog/website HERE and we will be in touch! Doesn't get any easier. We look forward to hearing from you!

~The Roane Publishing Marketing team