Flash Fiction Fridays

Flash Fiction Friday Submission Guidelines:

What we’re looking for:

Unpublished, originally created stories 1.5k or under.
We accept the following genre(s): Romance (all sub-genres except erotic romance and erotica) and fantasy. We are not interested in: Children’s literature, YA, horror, Erotica, Non-fiction. We are an LGBT friendly publisher.

Each story must be able to stand on its own and include the following:
Character(s) readers can relate to
Resolved plot, or at least hints of a complete story

We will accept reprints if the 1st publication is over three years old.

Simultaneous / Multiple Submissions
We accept one submission per author per month. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

Roane Publishing offers five dollars (US$5) for each published story, to be paid via PayPal ONLY.
We also offer the opportunity to promote your writing beyond your published flash piece. We will provide links to your website / blog, or a direct link to a book on Amazon or B&N if you have one available.

Copyright remains with the author.
We ask for First Rights and specifically First Internet Publication, with an option on Anthology Rights for 18 months. After publication, your story will remain in our searchable archives unless you ask us to remove it. Stories will be published on our blog, along with a link with the author’s name and title on our Flash Fiction Friday’s tab.

Ready to submit?

Please allow 3-5 weeks for an editorial response to your submission. If a response has not been received after 7 weeks, please follow-up by email at editor@roanepublishing.com. Do not send your submissions to this address. They will be deleted unopened.